School Advisory Council

The School Advisory Council is the body responsible for the financial management of the school, for improvements and financial planning. The Advisory Council is comprised of the Parish Priest, the Principal, a representative from the Parish Council, a representative of the Parents & Friends Association and a minimum of four and a maximum of six other elected persons.

The Advisory Council holds its annual general meeting in conjunction with the P & F’s AGM at the school’s Annual Community Meeting in November. Membership of the school Advisory Council is an opportunity for parents to be involved in the organisation and management of the school.

The School Advisory Council is responsible to the Catholic Education Office of Western Australia (C.E.C.W.A.) and subject to the School Advisory Council Constitution as set down by C.E.C.W.A.

Members of the Aranmore Catholic Primary School’s Advisory Council 2021

Name Position
Jonnine Lamborne Principal
Martin Boylen Chairperson
Tim Jeffrey Treasurer
Jayne Taylor Secretary
Father Angelo Parish Priest
Alf Parolo Committee Member
Elle Gonzalez Skuja Committee Member
Tennille Mitsopoulos Committee Member and P & F Rep
Kate Johnson, Rob Huntington, and Sarah Pracilio Assistant Principals


School Board AGM 2021