sustainabilityLooking after the world we live in is a very important part of our school community. Aranmore Catholic Primary School is greener than green having been accredited as a waste and water-wise school.

We have an established sustainable garden that boasts fruit and olive trees, vegetables, herbs and flowers, all of which are used by the school community.

We have a ’Green Space’ which is a dedicated high traffic area that promotes recycling and sustainability and also showcases the children’s work in these areas.

Our worm café is fuelled by food scraps from our crunch-n-sip program and our Aranlicious school canteen.
All our children are actively involved in our sustainability projects.

At Aranmore Catholic Primary School we are proud to be a Waterwise School.

Water is our most precious resource, and young people are vital to its preservation for future generations. It is important that we educate students so that they value water, understand the need to conserve and protect it, and are able to contribute to future community decisions.

The Waterwise Schools Program aims to educate students, their families and wider communities about the need to value, protect and conserve our precious water resources.

The program is a long-term, whole-of-school approach to water and education and complements the Curriculum Framework across all major learning areas, especially Society and Environment.

Most importantly, the program tackles real issues facing the community. It provides the opportunity to change students’ behaviour towards the use of water so that they become responsible adults able to make informed decisions.