Vision & Values

Aranmore Catholic Primary School, enriched by its Catholic tradition & cultural diversity, nurtures in each child a love of life, a passion for learning and the skills to make a difference.

Founded upon the traditions of the Sisters of Mercy and the Christian Brothers, the 500 students and the broader Aranmore community uphold the values of Jesus Christ. Daily we strive to live out the values outlined by the Sisters of Mercy:

  • Mercy: Be thoughtful, warm and respectful in all you do and feel
  • Compassion: Show you care for others’ needs and help meet their needs
  • Justice: Treat all members of our community fairly and justly
  • Dignity: Respect each other, knowing we are all valued and loved by God
  • Excellence: Try to be your best in all that you do
  • Hospitality: Be welcoming, friendly and inclusive in our play and our lives
  • Stewardship: Keep God in our hearts and our play
  • Service: Make a positive difference in each other’s lives



The motto of the school is TRUST. This ideal is central to the relationship between teachers, parents and children. Aranmore embodies three ideals:

  • a deep-seated respect for our history
  • a strong commitment to those in school at present
  • confidence that, through learning and trust, God’s love will continue to enable, enrich and empower our future lives

Our school aspires to create an environment in which each child’s dignity is actively developed spiritually, emotionally, academically, socially and physically. Through this, each child will recognise and respect their own worth as well as the dignity and rights of others.


Aranmore’s distinctive crest incorporates the spirit and history of the school, joining the Sisters of Mercy and the Christian Brothers. At the centre of the “A” is a triangle representing God as Trinity, the Three Divine Persons who are one God of Love. In the centre of the triangle is the Celtic Cross, representing Christ as Saviour and the school’s Irish origins. We continue the commitment of those migrants who founded and built the school with meagre resources.

Catholic schools in Western Australia have a distinctive ethos and are mandated by the Bishops of Western Australia. For further information: Catholic Education Commission Mandate