enrichmentEnrichment takes place within the individual classroom setting by the classroom teacher. It provides opportunities for access to new and more challenging concepts or content or alternatively provides for the revision of key concepts and skills.

Early Intervention and Learning Support Programmes

Learning Support at Aranmore Catholic Primary seeks to address the individual child’s needs. Support is aimed at children who require specific intervention. And that intervention is designed to improve the participation and learning outcomes of students. We ensure every child has an equal right to an appropriate and inclusive education in a Catholic School.

The aim of these programmes is to provide support to classroom teachers and students throughout the school and this is done in the form of developing specific programmes for individual students, at their own developmental level, which enhances their learning. It may also involve extra personnel working with individual students or groups of students.

Aranmore Catholic Primary School has the following Learning Support programmes in place: Reading Recovery and Maths Recovery. Learning support personnel are employed (K-2) and (Years 3-6).

Extension Programme

Aranmore Catholic Primary is dedicated to educating all students to their full potential.

The Extension Programme (Years 4-6) goes beyond the core curriculum at a suitably developmental level for the students. The programme is designed to broaden knowledge, understanding, skills and interests and to cater for all intelligences.

Identification of extension students within the school is based upon multiple criteria and includes individual identification and the use of standardized test data. This ensures that talented underachievers and those talented children with learning difficulties are identified and catered for effectively.

Aranmore Catholic Primary School students have the opportunity to participate in ICAS (Maths, English and Science), Australian Mathematics Trust Competition and the Sciteach Brainstorm Challenge.