Performing Arts

“The Performing Arts Festival has now concluded. Congratulations to all participants in the various sections. The children represented Aranmore Catholic Primary School beautifully. We have so much talent at Aranmore and I am so very impressed with the confidence that all the children displayed in performing in front of large and varied audiences. I am very proud of all of you. A huge thank you to Mrs Roslyn Twine who coordinated all our participants in this year’s festival. It is a big task and there are many hours spent behind the scenes planning and practising with the students.”

Mrs Margaret Williamson, Principal

Catholic Schools Performing Arts Awards 2018

Subject Level Recipient
Bible Reading Excellence Lucas – Bible Reading
Outstanding Estella – Bible Reading

Mia – Bible Reading


Band Merit Aranmore Primary Band
Woodwind Ensemble Merit Aranmore Primary Ensemble
Voice Merit Remy – Vocal Solo

Saskia – Vocal Solo

Anabel – Vocal Solo


Instrumental & Vocal Solos Merit Lucas – Piano Solo

Lenni – Flute

Mia – Flute Solo

Eva – Flute Solo


Excellence Cuba – Bass Solo

Anh-Thu – Piano Solo

Isla – Flute Solo


Outstanding Cuba – Electric Guitar Solo
Speech Excellence Marcela – Solo Speech
Outstanding Bethany – Solo Speech
Drama Merit Isla – Drama Monologue

Mila – Drama Monologue

Ainslie – Drama Monologue


Excellence Saskia & Emilia – Drama Duologue

Hannah – Drama Monologue


Outstanding Amia – Drama Monologue

Ozren – Drama Monologue

Remy & Julian – Drama Duologue

Rosie & Lucinda – Drama Duologue