COACHES REPORTS 8th & 9th June

Dear Aranmore netballers – welcome back to netball after a week off for the long weekend.  I hope you were all refreshed.  Congratulations to Year 6 Team Purple for their first win of the season.


Team Green was, again, unbeatable this week. We played a hard game against a difficult opposition in JTC but our all-round excellence and team spirit shone through and we were 3-0 victors!   A special mention goes out to Madison Scanlan this week who played WA and WD. She really made an impact on the game and I think Madi may have found her niche on the wing! Well done, Madi!

Our goalies also did a great job. If ‘The Emilys’, Hazel or Mia didn’t shoot a goal, they all tried very hard and were successful with the majority of rebounds.  As for our defence players – we kept them to zero so you all deserve a pat on the back!

Well done, Team Green! Your spirit, skill and sportsmanship are inspiring!
Coach Jess


It is impressive to see such strong defence.  Nina and Nieve were a marriage in defence intercepting many balls in first and second quarters. Saige, Maddie, Liam and Erika working well to find those pockets and secure passes. Lexi found her pace in third quarter in centre not only setting up some great passes but picking up some great loose balls. Erika found her voice- calling for the ball and demonstrating her stamina on court, running the whole time. Maddie has such competitive spirit- she was great at moving down the court. Rose picked up some sideline tips from coach Paula- sticking to her player and intercepting some awesome passes. Eden stepped out of her comfort zone and kept up with the defence- those long arms, leaps and bounds were spectacular! We officially welcome Liam- he’s taken to the game like duck to water, he’s one player to watch. Team Silver are fighting fit and ready- watch us roar.
Coach Jodie


Another very cold late afternoon game on Friday for the Year 4’s but they were simply awesome! We ran out with 7 players which meant no one got a break. The girls were ably assisted this week by Jaxon Kowal who fitted in beautifully and helped the girls manage a huge win over Churchlands PS 20 v 2!  Isabela was awarded the Coaches Special Mention for her shooting, defending and general play down the court. It was not an easy decision as every player stood up and played their heart out! So good to watch Year 4’s – well done.
Coach Lisa


Team Red had another solid performance winning the game 10-8.  A few players tried new positions this week so well done to Bianca, Evie and Jack for your run at C – we are proving to be a very versatile team!  CIRCLE DEFENCE TEAM of Emmy, Lexi, and Bianca – a dependable combination as always  Lexi – love your attack on the ball and the way you never give up possession – keep it up!  CENTRE COURT team of (nearly all of you – see we are so versatile!)  Anabel, Evie, Bianca, Jack and Emmy – you all played your part so well.  Bianca your pressure over the ball and your intercepts in the mid court really set up our game tonight.  GOAL SHOOTING team of Tyler, Amalia and Anabel – good to see the movement between you all.  Tyler awesome running to the post and getting your own rebounds!
Coach Jen


The Navy Blues had a great game this week. Very close with the winning goal being scored by North Cottesloe in the last 10 seconds! The final score was 4-3.  It was a tightly contested game by both teams. We had 3 or our usual players out this week so thank you to Ruby and Lucinda for filling in for us and to Alessia from year 4 for filling in for one quarter and shooting a goal!
Coach Kylie


Aranmore Aqua versed Deanmore, it was a close game with some great defence. Unfortunately we had a blood nose from Jasmine, but she soldiered on and played a fierce game! The girls have improved so much and I’m proud to be their coach! After all the stress we won 7-6!!! Special mention to Lucinda with a full game and terrific defence, and also to Amelia who got 5 possessions!
Congrats girls
Go Aranmore!!!
Coach Holly


No soggy notes this week with the rain thankfully keeping at bay. We were a little shaken by our opponents this week, with City Beach leading for the first 3 quarters!! We really missed Lenni who unfortunately went down with a heel injury in the first quarter. Get better soon Lenni!!!

In the first half, we rushed our passes and therefore missed the opportunity to wait for the good leads. There were lots of things we identified to improve on, especially slowing down, leading forward and making sure we go for our rebounds in both our defensive and attacking circles. One thing we did do well however was apply defensive pressure right down the court. This was evident in the low scores, 3-2 in first and 9-5 in the second quarter to City Beach. Well done to Joey for really thinking about space on the court and applying consistent effort in defence.

By the second half we settled and started to get our game together. In the 3rd quarter Bethany and Eva P were amazing in defence, keeping the opposition to 3 goals. Eva I brought calm and control to the midcourt while putting excellent pressure on the passes resulting in some spectacular intercepts. Meanwhile in the goal circle, Mischa got on a roll with her shooting to bring our score up to 11. It was so wonderful to see Amia work the goal circle like pro and score her first goal in a game!! Well done to both of you.

We started the fourth quarter 1 point down which made for a nail-biting finish. Eva P and Bethany continued their formidable defence keeping City Beach to ONE GOAL ONLY!!!!! They were assisted by some great leads and really strong defensive pressure in the centre third from Mia in C and Mischa in WA. Sienna and Kasey combined well in goals and we finished the quarter 3 points up for a final score of 13 to 16.

Great win Team Orange!!
Coach Paula


The Purple Girls managed their first win of the season with a 10-5 victory over Iona. It was a brilliant all-round team effort with every girl giving 100% effort and commitment across the full 4 quarters. It was that effort that saw them overcome a slow start and storm home with 7 goals to 1 in the second half. Great full court defence, a focus on accurate passing and hard running for their teammates brought the rewards, which included smiles and cupcakes with electric blue icing all round. Every single player was important at some stage during the match and it is a great platform on which to build more confidence, belief and courage for the rest of the season.
Coach Dave