Mercy wins the day

What a fantastic day it was to see our students in their faction shirts and hats as they energetically took part in our 2016 Faction Athletics Carnival. A great day was had by all. Team spirit and good sportsmanship set the tone for a most successful carnival that began with all PP – Year 6 students entering Brittania Reserve in their factions.

Throughout the day I heard many positive comments about the behaviour and commitment of our students.

A big thank you must go to our staff and parents who helped with the setting/packing up, and the running of the carnival. Your help is sincerely appreciated. I would also like to thank our Sport Councillors and students from Aranmore Senior High School who assisted with the carnival as well as lending a hand in their very close win with the sports councillors’ race against staff and teachers.

Well done to McAuley in winning and retaining the Principal’s Shield for Athletics this year. Congratulations to Mercy in taking home the 2016 Faction Carnival Shield. It was a close race for the lead throughout the day with all factions taking turns for the lead. At the end of the day Mercy only won by 5 points over last year’s champions Moloney. Final scores were:

McAuley 862
Aranmore 1001
Moloney 1018
Mercy 1023

Mr Phil Tsang
Sports Coordinator