Year Three Excursion

On Monday 27 November the Year Threes visited the Perth Observatory in Bickley. Our budding astronomers had an amazing day completing all of the interactive activities, making sundials and viewing the Lowell telescope amongst some beautiful landscapes and native wildlife.

It was amazing to see the telescope and go inside it.’ – Gabriel Kelly

It was scary to climb up to the top of the telescope tower.’ – Eli Genovese

I liked how there were a lot of telescopes to look and they were different sizes and types.’ -Ibe Phong

I enjoyed that all the activities were in different spots and they were all very interesting.’ – Annina Musbah

I loved hearing about how the big Lowell telescope was built.’ – Chase Williams

I loved learning about the planets because I learnt that some were ice giants and frozen planets. We got to hang up the planets and see how far away from the sun they were.’ – Sebastien Tiller

I learnt that ‘My Very Energetic Mother Just Served Us Noodles’ stands for all of the planets.’ – Isaac Abadi

‘I liked learning about how to build a working sundial.’ – Olivia Pappas

The sundial that we looked at was really old, and then we had a go at making our own.’ – Renata Pintabona