Science and chemistry ignites their passion

The need to attract kids into science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) is more important than ever so Aranmore Catholic Primary jumped at the opportunity when Year 6 students were invited to the BASF Lab at Curtin University recently.

The students, under the supervision of a team of scientist, participated in hands-on experiences conducting safe, colourful chemistry experiments. They were involved in the process of chromatography, separating the components of felt tip pen ink and discussing the mobile (water) and stationary phases (paper) and also discussed the use of this process in criminology and pharmacology.

Whilst in the lab, the students also made body lotion which they were able to take home. They gained an insight into the scientific process, better understanding the use of emulsifiers to allow water and oil to combine. The students also made their own form of slime and discovered how materials react chemically to form new compounds.

The Kids’ Lab experience was a great day out for the students and has definitely ignited their passion in science and chemistry,” said Year 6 teacher, Ms Foster.