Waste Wise Sustainability

The Year Three classes were fortunate to have an incursion today as part of the school’s ongoing focus on sustainability. Patrick Hamill from the Waste Wise Schools Programme came to speak to our students about the importance of being ‘Waste Wise’.

During his session, the classes looked at how we dispose of waste and what we can do to reduce our impact on the environment. The idea behind the gardening incursion was to demonstrate to students the concept of ‘closing the loop’ on organic recycling. They did this by harvesting some of the worm castings and using this to make a seed raising mix. Students were then given seeds to plant in sections of an egg carton.

The incursion assisted students to enhance their understanding of how worm farms work. They will then be able to use their knowledge to help them with their Design Technology lessons that require students to design and innovate new products to assist with collecting, storing and using food scraps for our worm farm.

Learning more about worm farming as they start to collect the organic fertiliser and continue to work in the Aranmore School Garden provides an opportunity for students to actively participate in sustainability in a real-life context.