Well done to all our teams in week 5 of Spring netball. Only 2 more games to go so make sure you enjoy them.


We are certainly facing some tough opposition during this Spring competition and this week was no exception. We played OLGC Dolphins and lost 8-3. Despite this, I am really proud of how the team is coming together and giving their best efforts wherever they are placed on the court. At this age, it is all about learning the game and the different skills required of all the positions. We can’t all be centre or goal attack so it is important to get to know our skillsets and expand on these. I can already see some quality defenders in the making!!

Special mentions this week go to Alyssa C and Jack for their fantastic work in defence. Alyssa I like how you really stick to your player making it so hard for them to receive the ball. Jack you make an effort to get in front and defend every pass with those formidable long arms. You are also so valuable when we are attacking with your great leads and strong passes.

Only 2 more games to go – let’s hope we can come away with a win but if not, let’s just try to improve our netball and have lots of fun!!
Coach Paula


The Navy Blue team had an amazing win tonight in the 35deg heat! We played a competitive St Kieran’s Primary school
It was a draw at half time and we came through to win by 2 goals – You girls are amazing.
Coach Kylie


Aranmore Orange had a great game against Sacred Heart this week shooting a massive 25 goals! All girls played well and ensured they created space and defended all the way down the court. Special mention this week goes to Emma Rowse who scored over half our goals and had a great game as GA. Well done girls on a strong performance and finishing the game 25 v 10.
Coach Lisa