Taste of Aranmore

The Year Threes were invited to experience a “Taste of Aranmore” at Aranmore Catholic College on Wednesday, 25 October. Students were captivated by the fun activities they spent all morning taking part in. Each student was given an opportunity to cook mini pizzas during Home Economics, complete science experiments with exploding balloons and dry ice in the Science Labs and make their very own key ring out of wood in Manual Arts.

“Science was lots of fun, and there were lots of chemicals and blowing up stuff.” – Mason

“It was the most fun excursion I’ve ever been on.” – Joel

“Wood works was really fun because we had to design a name tag and burn it up with fire stuff. The wax smelt disgusting!” – Adonia

“It was great, wood work was the best.” – Cormac

“The pizzas were delicious.” – Roselle