Science wiz shines

Year 6 student Tommaso Puccini's hard work pays off

Year 6 student Tommaso Puccini’s hard work pays off

The end of Year 5 finished on a real high for Tommaso Puccini when he was recognised for achieving the highest Year 5 science score in WA.

Tommaso received an International Competitions and Assessors for Schools (ICAS) Award at Government House.
“Aranmore has been involved in the competition for several years. As a school, we value the importance of engaging the children in many problem-solving opportunities and the ICAS competitions are one way in which we do this,” Assistant Principal Adriana Coniglio said.

“This award is a testament to Tommaso’s ability and work ethic across many learning areas, in particular, science.”
“The school is extremely proud of Tommaso’s efforts to achieve this prestigious award and also of the efforts of the other participants.”

“Science is a dynamic, collaborative and creative learning area arising from our natural desire to make sense of the world through exploring the unknown, investigating universal mysteries, making predictions and solving problems,” she said.