I’m 8 and I’m the Principal for today

There is clearly a lot of respect for Aranmore Catholic Primary’s Principal Mrs Margaret Williamson. So much so that many of the 500 children at Aranmore want the chance to be her…well for at least one day.

Recently, Year 3 student Evie Ferraro was the lucky winner of the P&F Raffle ‘Principal for a Day’.

On the day she was Principal, Miss Ferraro ran the school beautifully. She had an extremely busy day presenting merit certificates and addressing the school community. Miss Ferraro also attended various meetings during the day including one with Mrs Gonzalez-Skuja to discuss P&F fundraising and another with Mrs Ellen to discuss her appointments for the day and to read through mail. Miss Ferraro also enjoyed morning tea and lunch in the staffroom, went out on playground duty during lunch and after school, read stories to the some of the PP and Yr 1 classes, visited children in their classrooms where she reviewed and rewarded their work and dealt with a maintenance emergency with Mr McGorrery, made announcements over the PA to the children.

But what would Evie chose as her school rule for the day? Ah yes, as a child who loves school not just for the learning but the fun and friendship, Evie allowed the children to have 15 minutes of free time after lunch.

Miss Ferraro has documented her day via Book Creator and all in all, upon reflection agrees it was a job well done!