Our Garden

Our Garden has been brought to life with our beautiful scarecrows. They are vibrant, colourful, individual and very lifelike!

The Year Four classes planned and executed this task in their Technology and Enterprise, STEM and Art lessons. Aranmore Catholic Primary School is a Sustainable school and reusing items is second nature to our students. We are active in the recycling of paper, worm farming and composting from the garden. We also recycle plastic, batteries and printing cartridges.

The Year Four children spend regular time in the school garden and as such we decided to build scarecrows to help keep the birds away from our fruit and vegetable gardens and to add some colour.

We sourced our recycled products from the school, home and ReMida. Families rummaged through sheds for offcuts of wood, bits of wire, old boots, paint and even the straw from the guinea pig and rabbit hutches. The scarecrow frames, fashioned from recycled wood and plastic pipe, were then designed, built, decorated and by the students. The students adjusted their plans where necessary in order to suit the materials. Remaining items are once again in the recycling ready for a new project.

Excellent teamwork was displayed by all.

Many thanks to our fabulous parent helpers.