National Tree Day, Friday July 28th

Aranmore Catholic Primary School was an active participant in this event. Classes took advantage of any sunshine or adapted lessons to the classroom to learn and revise the importance of having trees in our environment.

Year Four- We each potted some Italian Parsley seeds. The children made their pots, filling with soil, planting seeds and labelling. We are now looking forward to watching them sprout.

Year Five- Today we watched two clips off the National Tree Day page and discussed how in religion we have talked about Gods creation and how we care for it. We reflected on our tree art and tried to improve it. We took them home so we could explain to our families about National Tree Day.

Year Two- We watched/listened to a story “The Last Tree” – Simon Hugh Wheeler, and then went on a tree hunt. We looked at the shapes and sizes and how the leaves are so different. Then we drew pictures of the beautiful trees that we saw around the school.

Year One- Year One’s watched and listened to the “The Lorax” by Dr Seuss and then had a big discussion about the importance of our trees and environment.