Fairy Garden

The buddy system is a practical way this is brought to life in both classrooms and play. Buddy classes 3Red and Kindy Red get together regularly throughout the term and the children so look forward to that sharing time.

Recently at one of their shared plays, they were joined by miniature fairies and superheros at the school vegetable garden.

“The garden now has a beautiful fairy house,” one student said with excitement.. Together students and teachers cleaned one of the garden beds and settled in their visitors.

Teacher Lynn Raschilla said, “The children had so much fun decorating the house with gems, flowers and tinsel. They created a magical garden with a pond, little animals and fairy statues and planted sunflower seeds to grow around the house.”

“While people were busy taking turns at the fairy house, everyone else got busy raking and weeding the garden beds and the Kindy watered the new tomato seedlings with their very own little watering cans.”

Fairy Garden

Together the buddies brought to life the fairy at the bottom of the garden