Mission Fundraising Day – Dress As Your Culture

June 5, 2015 all-day

Money raised on this day will go towards both funds. Thank you in anticipation for supporting Mission Day and the Lifelink appeal.

The Lifelink website (www.lifelink.com.au) has lots of information.

The theme for this is “Dress As Your Culture” This can mean coming dressed (for a gold-coin donation) in a cultural outfit, in colours from that culture (ie Italian – red, white and green) or as image from that culture (ie thongs, shorts and corkscrew hat – Australian) Also, as part of Life Link, the children will be constructing chains that link up – they will be using recycled paper for this and are encouraged to make the links at home, before school, at recess and lunch time. Each class will then link the chains together on Friday, 5 June at school. The links are to be 49.5mm wide by 210mm long.