The howling wind and driving rain was no match for Kade and Emily J scoring our 3 goals to lead us to a 3-0 win over the Dynamites! It was heart-warming to see the excitement between the goal shooters and how they congratulated each other when the goals were scored!
It was their first taste of winter netball but with lots of encouragement to run on the spot and shake their hands between play, Team Green powered on to victory!
Daniel Franklin was truly outstanding this week – his drive, enthusiasm and outright skill make him a hard taskmaster for any opposition.
Keep up the fantastic work Team Green!
Coach Jess


Team Silver were sadly rocked by illness and had to forfeit their game – they will come back stronger than ever next game!
Coach Jodie


Very tough day with rain, stormy winds and cold fronts coming and going. The girls played well despite the conditions and came away with a win against Newman. The girls are really starting to play as a team and think about how they move the ball down the court together. Very proud of the way they played and the great sportsmanship!
Aranmore 11 v Newman 4.
Coach Lisa


Well done to you all in the wet and windy conditions winning the game 10-2. A massive thank you to Evie for going to help Team Navy Blue from the second quarter when they lost a player to injury! Well done Evie. Our CIRCLE DEFENCE TEAM of Emmy, Lexi, Bianca and Jack – your defence was superb holding MLC to 2 goals. Keep playing the way you do! Our CENTRE COURT team of Anabel, Amalia, Tyler, Emmy and Evie – despite the windy conditions, you all made good strong leads to the ball which helped move the ball down court. The way you all connect down court really is magic to watch – and one of the hardest things for a team to get together and you all do it beautifully – no matter who is in what position. Well done to Amalia for your first run at C. Our GOAL SHOOTING team of Tyler, Jack, Amalia and Anabel – we tried a different combination tonight adding Tyler to GA and he got our first goal of the game, and the only one for Q1. Jack you were amazing in Q2 sinking our 4 goals (see…wearing your contact lens must help!). Our stable team of Jack and Amalia steadied the third quarter seeing another 3 goals added. Tyler and Anabel combined well in the 4th adding 2 more goals. Meaning we actually had our highest score for the season with 10 goals even though the conditions to shoot in were very challenging!
Coach Jen


Navy Blues played Floreat Force tonight on a very wet and blowy night! Imogen fell in the first quarter so we played on with 6 players until Evie from Team Red 4 filled in for us to bring us up to 7 players again! Thank you Evie you saved the day!
We ended up going down 13/0. Keep up the good efforts girls.
Coach Kylie


Team Aqua played a strong game going down by just 3 goals in really tough windy and wet conditions. Good effort girls – really proud of you.
Coach Holly


What a wet week of netball!!
No quarter by quarter analysis from me this week sorry – I tried but my paper got too soggy so I couldn’t see my notes!!!!!
Despite the rain, wind and substantial increase in dropped balls, the kids stuck to the game plan and came up trumps against a very tall Kapinara. It was a really close, low scoring match. This was in part due to the weather but also due to some excellent defence at both ends. Amia deserves a special mention here, stepping up in GD against some tall timber. She showed us what good technique can achieve. Stay in front and close to your player and you will reap the rewards – lots of poor passes from the opposition resulting in turnovers. Well done Amia! Sienna amazed us in goals this week. With torrential rain obscuring her vision and gusty winds, she made her shots look effortless – Awesome work!! Mia and Mischa both played a half game this week and each having a quarter at Centre. Not Mischa’s usual position but she showed she is highly adaptable and proved consistent in both the attack and defence phase. I know I keep raving about how wonderful this team is but I have to reiterate how impressed I am, not only with their natural talent, but with the attitude they bring to the court each week. Keep it up – you are all a pleasure to coach.
We now have a week off and then a fresh start after regrading. We will continue in Division 1 so be ready for some challenging games ahead.
Have a great long weekend.
Coach Paula


Well the rain finally came, and the Purple Army was unfortunately outclassed and outgunned by a good Nedlands team on the weekend, going down 4-20. The score line doesn’t reflect the amount of chances we managed to create but just couldn’t capitalise. Although the margin got bigger at every change, so did the girls’ efforts in every quarter and it seemed the further we fell behind, the harder they tried. The midcourt trio of Robyn Redmond, Hannah Saliacus and Emma Rowse kept running and running and kept creating plenty of turnovers. Despite the score, I think we achieved our aim of a 10% improvement in some areas and will continue to build upon that after the long weekend bye.
Coach Dave