Dear Aranmore netballers – what another lovely weekend for netball. Well done to Team Orange and Team Green who have strung two wins in a row. Keep up the good work.


It was another win for Team Green this week! We played a hard game against the Swanny Squids but came out on top with a 10-4 score. Once again, the whole team played so well and they are really gelling as a team with each game. A special mention to Mia Parolo this week – you read the play so well and you were great at finding space.
Keep up the great teamwork Team Green!
Coach Jess


Team Silver wins gold for stamina and resilience. Rose extended friendships early on in the game, keeping close to her player and picking up a friend as well. Neve was instrumental in slowing the game down, keeping the ball down in Aranmore’s goal third. Liam was new to the team but managed to intercept a few key passes keeping the ball in play. Saige zipped into free spaces and with Nina moved the ball thru the centre third. Nina tried her hand at goals after putting in some extra practice during the week. Erika was not afraid to match her opponent and strategically positioned herself to make the most of her speed. Edie displayed her dynamic skills in goals, her on court coaching keeps us all on our toes. Lexi is our most improved player, gaining confidence on the court and having the flexibility in her play of attack and defence. We were winners in our own way- so very proud to see the sportsmanship of our players- We’ll done, Super proud of you all.
Coach Jodie


TEAM GOLD had a really solid game tonight against Mt Hawthorn Emerald winning 7-2. Again they played with only 7 players and we were fortunate to borrow Madison from Team Silver. Well done and thank you to Madison. Our defenders did an amazing job keeping and our shooters were calm and sunk some crucial goals. A special mention to Alyssa Lucano who received Coaches Player of the Day!
Coach Jen (Filling in for Coach Lisa)


Team Red played a wonderful game of netball the result went our way 7-4. Our CIRCLE DEFENCE TEAM of Emmy, Lexi, Bianca and Jack – You all play these positons so well. Lexi – you are so dependable as a circle defender, you play the front position and create so many turnovers for us and create opportunity for us down court. Our CENTRE COURT team of Amalia, Tyler, Emmy and Evie – the way you attack the ball and are there to back each other up and chase down those loose balls was fantastic. Tyler, you played outstanding tonight, so many intercepts and fantastic passes to set up our goal shooters. Our GOAL SHOOTING team of Jack, Amalia and Anabel – another solid performance from all of you. Well done to Anabel for making some really good leads tonight and delivering beautiful passes to your shooting partner, I love your persistence – have confidence in your shots and the goals will come!
Coach Jen


Second week of the season and we were very glad to have great weather once again for our twilight game. Playing under lights is pretty exciting for the girls. The Navy Blues has another tough game this week! Playing North Primary School who’s attacking game was very strong. Everyone put in their all like usual but unfortunately we went down 16/2. Special mention to Imogen and Lailah who played goals for the first time this season! Saskia played another brilliant game, Charlotte controlled her stepping this week and kept the centre play rolling down the court. You all played your best and once you get over your excitement and slow down a little I know we will have some well-earned wins!
Coach Kylie


Team Aqua had an unfortunate loss on the weekend to Swanny Seahorses 20-10. Team Aqua is improving so much with each game. Every training session and I learn something new about them each week. Special mention to Lucinda, Edie , Jazmine and Rosie who all played full games on Saturday.
Coach Holly


Another great win for Team Orange this week!
I couldn’t ask for more from this team – they listen to their coach’s instructions and always give their very best on and off the court.
With Eva I and Sienna out this week, some players played a full game and we saw some players playing outside their preferred positions to cover our defensive end.
Coach Paula


The Purple Girls put up a solid effort all day but weren’t a match for a speedier Newman team, going down 6-13 at the final whistle. We seemed to have enough possession, but just couldn’t transition from defence to attack to get enough shots on goal and then convert. Isla Buttigieg was nice and aggressive in attack and defence, while Mila Skuja and Sara Robertson ran hard through the mid court all game. Some things were better, some things still need work. The girls are working hard at training and we’ll aim to keep getting that 10% better each week.
Coach Dave