WELCOME BACK to all player and their families to the 2018 Netball season. All teams were spoilt with lovely netball weather on Friday and Saturday (don’t get too used to it – Netball is a winter sport!)

A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to all our Year 3 players playing their first season – we are super proud of you all for representing Aranmore with pride.


Team Green had their first ever game against Deanmore on Friday and they had a resounding 16-2 win! Everyone played their hearts out and the team spirit and zest for the game was palpable. A special mention goes out to Hazel Rayner, who did not play on the day as she was very unwell, but she came along to support the team for the first part of the match. We look forward to you joining us on the court this week, Hazel!
Coach Jess


Team Silver were light on their feet, finding their rhythm in fourth quarter. Neve was Team Silver’s pocket rocket intercepting the ball with vigour never seen on the court. Eden kept up the pressure in goals, taking a few goals and lifting the team spirit. Lexi found her feet in defence putting her dance moves into practice. Saige and Erika the smallest players on court kept up the pace, using stealth to find open spaces. Rose was a gazelle on court and never dropped her pace. Nina found her inner tiger and was ferocious, winning us some passes and taking leadership on court. Well a challenge was set and team Silver gave their best…. what fun we had! See you all again at training on Monday.
Coach Jodie


Aranmore GOLD started off the season with a game against Rosalie. The girls played so well in the heat and with no subs the 7 players were certainly feeling it by the end. The girls fought hard after a slow start and won the second half. Rosalie won the game 12 v 14.

Well done girls!!
Coach Lisa


Team Red played a hard fought match against Rosalie and they only went down by 1 goal – 7-6. This was a really great effort and they all worked hard all the way down the court. Bianca – you were a little pocket rocket in defence against a player twice your size – so really well done – so good to know I can rely on you and put you anywhere on court and you give your all! Well done to Emmy for stepping into C – you did a really good job moving the ball and to keep playing after a heavy fall late in the last quarter was amazing Good work Emmy! Amalia – has some really good pace to give us lots of options as GA this game – and the passing between you and Jack in the first 3 quarters was really great – you two play really well together something I noticed in our first two training matches – bit like Nat Medhurst and Janine Fowler-Reid!
Coach Jen


The Navy blue team played West Balcatta. A very close contested game. The girls were so excited in the first quarter they ran with the ball! We ended up being defeated 4/1. Everyone played well and tried their hardest! Bring on next week! Special mention to Maiah for her amazing defence.
Coach Kylie


Team Aqua held on for a hard fought win in their first game against Wembley 16 to 7. Our goal shooters started the game really well and our centre court players gave them great support throughout the game. Our defence held strong for most of the game and overall was a great start for the season.
Coach Holly


Aranmore ORANGE came out of the blocks hard and fast and things stayed this way for the entire game! The year 6’s were just amazing on Friday night – teamwork was superb for the first game of the season. Each player stepped up and contributed to the win and they should be proud of how they played and conducted themselves. Well done on an amazing effort guys. Final score was 29 v 6.
Coach Lisa (filling in for Coach Paula)


The Aranmore Purple girls had a great day out for the first game of the season. The sun was shining and everyone was smiling, so where else would you want to be? They got out to a great start and ended up winning the first & last quarters convincingly. However, they just couldn’t hit the scoreboard in the middle two quarters and ended up losing to a pretty evenly matched St Hilda’s team 13-19.

Sienna McCagh & Jaime Burvill were excellent in defence when under pressure and Olivia D’Souza picked up on her improvement last season and continued to offer and create space. In fact, all the girls had periods during the match in which they really shone. There’s stuff we can work on at training to improve next week and the girls have shown that they’re up for the challenge.
Coach Dave