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School Events

Taste of Aranmore

The Year Threes were invited to experience a “Taste of Aranmore” at Aranmore Catholic College on Wednesday, 25 October. Students were captivated by the fun activities they spent all morning taking part in. Each student was given an opportunity to cook mini pizzas during Home Economics, complete science experiments with exploding balloons and dry ice…

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Outdoor Classroom Day

Friday, September 7th the Aranmore Catholic Primary School students took advantage of the beautiful Spring weather and enjoyed lessons outside. Outdoor Classroom Day is a global campaign to celebrate and inspire outdoor learning and play. Outdoor learning improves children’s health and engages them in nature play where they can apply their skills and knowledge to…

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Our Garden

Our Garden has been brought to life with our beautiful scarecrows. They are vibrant, colourful, individual and very lifelike!

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Where’s Wally????

This week we had a school full of ‘Wallys’ – Where’s Wally actually. The entire staff got into the spirit of Bookweek and they all dressed up as Wally!

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Sport News

Our school was very fortunate this week to have two high profile sporting personalities come to visit.

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Performing Arts Rainbow Fish Performance

Congratulations to all the Year 6 students for their fantastic performance of The Rainbow Fish at the Convention Centre last Thursday night. The final comment on the adjudicator’s report was, ‘Thoroughly entertaining performance that was well-rehearsed and performed. Well done.

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Father’s Day Liturgy And Breakfast

Attention all dads!! We are having a special prayer morning in dedication to all DADS at Aranmore CPS. On Friday 2 September at 8.00am, there will be a short prayer service followed by some light breakfast for Dads and their children.

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